Sunday, January 13, 2013

Blog Name Has Been Changed

Going forward in 2013, the blog name is changing.  The new blog is called "Mormon Disclosures"

The original "mormonthinkblog2012" posts (mostly from 2012) are linked below.
01/08/2013  Let's be the first one to clean the toilets 
12/31/2012 Korihor and Alma go into a bar...
12/20/2012  Acting expeditiously
12/19/2012 The Lord is Shredding it on his mountain!
12/08/2012 Pay Lay Missionary  (the most popular blog about the disclosure of the Mission President's Handbook)
11/25/2012 The Taming of the Shrewd

And the rest can be found here:




  1. BTW, do you know that you are in the running for X-Mormon of the Year 2012? and that you're currently in the lead...?

    There's only one day left to vote:

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